Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In-Review

I've never done one of these posts, but it seems like maybe I should. Sometimes you do so much in a year that you start to forget exactly what happened and when. So, here it is: 2011 in-review.

In January I started my last semester as a full-time Master's student taking classes. I started the IRB process for my thesis {AWFUL, but necessary}, and started regular meetings for being a Camp Director.

I went to the Southwest Camping Conference and jumped into *really* cold water on a dare {I'm a sucker for dares!}.

Right after I got approval to start collecting data for my thesis I went to DC to visit one of my best friends, New York City to visit my sister,

 and Israel on Birthright! We hiked, hiked, and hiked, and managed to see some wonderful cities like Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, and Eilat.

When I got back I collected lots and LOTS of data for the thesis, and did some pretty serious camp
planning. Before I knew it, it was the SUMMER and I spent 10 weeks at a fabulous camp located right on the water. We sailed, did many arts and crafts, held snakes, and explored Mission Control.

After the summer was over I moved back in with my parents and wrote like a madwoman. I seriously wondered, at times, if I was going to finish my thesis and/or if I'd completely lost my mind. But, I persevered and did it! I defended my thesis successfully and started seriously looking for jobs.

Just in time for that, Girl Scouts of the USA held their tri-ennial conference, right here in Houston! I volunteered and got to see some amazing things! For {at least} the 5th year in a row I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival and though the costumes were interesting, I had a wonderful time!

Thanksgiving came in a whirlwind, and for the first time, I played a major role in cooking the meal. It was wonderful to work side by side with my Nana and learn all of her wonderful recipes!

I also got some interviews and took a road trip by myself! Even though I didn't get those jobs, I felt awesome about myself for driving by myself for 5 days! When I got home, the Christmas season was upon us! I shopped, finished my list early {but not wrapping}, read a bunch of books, and generally just relaxed.

I graduated and got to wear a fancy hood!

My sister came home from Brooklyn just in time for Chanukah, my parents celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary, and then it was Christmas. I got quite the haul and {as always} felt blessed and speechless from the generosity of my wonderful family.

I have one more thing about this year that I'll share with you in a few days, but overall it's been a wonderful year with some ups and downs {but WAY more ups!} that I wouldn't dream of trading. Happy New Year's Eve everyone! I'll have a fun update soon about one of the items on my bucket list. In the meantime, be safe, use a DD {or AAA who is towing all drunk people home for FREE!}, and have fun!


  1. Looks like an awesome trip....happy new year!

  2. Looks like a fun year full of traveling!! Happy New Year :D