Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bottle Painting (Day 11)

So, I drink a whole lotta Starbucks bottled frappucchinos. A lot. Like, one everyday.

Usually I recycle them, but I thought that this summer I might find something else to do with these glorious little bottles. I wish I would have thought of this:

It's bottle painting. You paint the inside of the bottle, and so the outside stays smooth. Cool, huh?

Alas, one of my staff had the kids do it in her painting class. I cannot help but love these, and frankly, I'd put them all in my house as decoration.

Next up for my left-over bottles: vases. Stay tuned!

*This post is part of my 30 days at Summer Camp series, where I highlight some of the fun things we do at camp. To see a list of these postings, please click here.

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