Monday, November 14, 2011

Renewing the Promise

I am a proud Girl Scout. I grew up in the council where I currently work part-time and volunteer, and asked for a lifetime membership when I graduated with my Bachelor of Science. I love that girls and young women have a safe space to learn, to set goals and accomplish them, to be adventurous and follow their dreams. I am proud that our cookie program teaches business, marketing, accounting and responsibility, and I place a high value on our camp and outdoor program experiences as well as our commitment to teaching girls to be leaders.

{Vintage Promise poster from Savannah}

So you can imagine how freaking excited I was that the triennial Girl Scouts of the USA national convention came to the George R. Brown in Houston. Yes, I was excited. Because my home council sponsored the convention, I had the awesome opportunity to volunteer and receive a complimentary day-pass to all of the general activities including the exhibit hall, plenary sessions, and ceremonies. My time was limited and my schedule a bit odd {babysitting, etc.}, so I really only got to go to the exhibit hall {aside from when I volunteered with the Girl Scout Leadership Institute}, but what an experience!

Here are some pictures from the conference:

{Entrance display featuring historical uniforms, photos, and multimedia presentations}
 There were crafts,

{This booth was sponsored by Michaels}
campfires complete with singalongs,

and of course, cookies!

{Samoas/Caramel de Lites}

Even Starbucks at the convention center got in on the action {did I mention that Girl Scouts is celebrating 100 years of existence?}:

And how cute is this bathroom sign?

I'm so very glad I went. It was an amazing opportunity. I met so many wonderful people from around the country {and there were scouts/guides there from around the world!} and got so many fantastic ideas! Here is the face of a happy girl:

{Girl Scout Uniform circa 1940?}
Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

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