Saturday, October 15, 2011

Giving: Jen March

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If you remember my goals from August {and the goal recap from September} you'll recall that I really want to get more focused on supporting a worthy cause. And, if you also remember my 'Something Bigger' post, you also know that I want to use this blog to support non-profit organizations and bloggers working to make a difference. So, I was super excited when I found Jen March's blog.

Before I gush about her, I'll let Jen introduce herself!

Hi everyone, and a big thank you to Lauren for having me here! I’m Jen, and I blog over at Jennifer March. I use my blog to write about my life, my feelings, and as a place to store inspiration. But most importantly, I use it to try to make positive changes in the world. I have a heart for helping the disadvantaged, whether it be through child sponsorship or through more indirect means.
2 months ago I came up with the idea for “sponsorship for a cause,” which means that people can buy ad space on my blog for $5 (or however much more they wish to donate), and 100% of the money goes to a good cause. 

She hosts ads for various blogs, and with the money made from those, she currently supports the "Bite Back" campaign, an organization whose goal it is to prevent the spread of malaria in children Africa. This is one of those things that seems so basic: if you don't get bitten by mosquitoes, you probably won't get malaria. Yet, for many children in poorer countries its not so simple and a child dies of malaria about every 30 seconds. Mosquito nets are expensive if you only make the equivalent of a few hundred dollars a year.

But, we can help. You can help. Jen offers ad space on her blog in exchange for a donation of almost any amount {she starts at $5}. That's a pretty sweet deal, especially considering that a mosquito net costs about $10. You can save a life for the amount you'd pay for two lattes. Next month, Jen is going to partner with a few other bloggers to work towards opening a school Kechene, Ethiopia. She promises to have more information on that soon!

So, what are you waiting for? Go help! It's a win-win situation for you and your blog, but most importantly, you can make a difference.

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