Sunday, September 25, 2011

Something Bigger

As you know, there has been a whole lot going on in my life lately. I have been pulled in many {MANY!} different directions, and I some days its been a challenge to come up with something to write here. That saddens me, because I love to write, and among other things I use this space as a way to get rid of my writers block on more serious projects! So, I started really evaluating why that was, and after answering some interview questions for Diana, I realized, this blog isn't enough of *me.* I've been trying to fit a mold, and well, that just doesn't work. So, with great sadness {but not really that much}, I've decided to re-arrange my buttons at the top. Most of them I'll keep, but I'm taking away "crafts." I never really updated it, and its time for something new. Sure, I might craft a bit, but its not something I do enough to *really* focus on here.

Once I came to that conclusion, I really started thinking about using this space to do some good in the world, and to give of myself. This idea solidified when Texas was hit with several large and devastating wildfires. The support from the blogging community was wonderful, and we were able to raise over $100!

In Judaism, this is called Tzedakah, although it often gets misinterpreted as "charity," a word with a negative connotation. Really, the Hebrew word is better translated as justice, or fairness, which is exactly how I feel about giving to those who haven't been as privileged or as lucky as I!

And so, I'm going to use this blog, in part, to reinforce Tzedakah by showcasing some groups who are living that idea and making a difference.

Any non-profit or other organization that I showcase will be one that I personally have given money to or volunteered with. And, while major organizations such as the Girl Scouts of the USA, or Habitat for Humanity are wonderful, many people know about them. I want to feature the little guys and show the great work they're doing! And so, once a month, I'll feature a small non-profit looking to better their community.

Here's where I need your help: I need some organizations! I know my favorites, but I live in Houston, and there are some wonderful things going on in other places around the country. So, tell me: Who do you donate to or volunteer with? Who needs a little extra help? Who is just starting out with a project and needs some extra support? I would love to hear about them!

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