Sunday, October 02, 2011

September Goal Review & Recap

A little late {hello, October!} but here's a recap of the goals I set at the end of August:

1. Apply for any opportunity that presented itself: Done! I got some big nibbles, but nothing that worked out. However, I'm not discouraged! It is always a good experience to learn about how others do things, what they value, and how you might fit into that plan {or not}. I'm much more ready for the next nibble I get!

2. Finish the Thesis: Almost there! I defend in a week and a half {it seems so surreal!}. Then there's an editing process, and then done! I can't really believe I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

3. Read a book a week: Ha, no. I've been reading as much as possible, but not a book a week. However, now that I've started checking books on tape out from the library I might get through a few more.

4. Pad the Emergency Fund: Yup! I sit for two families and make some decent money for someone who doesn't have a job. I do a few little other things on the side, too and I'm back up to my target savings! Whoop!

5. Catch Up With Old Friends: Sort of. I'm still working on this.

6. Focus on the blog:  Again, sort of. I have some new followers {hello, thank you for thinking my blog is interesting!} and have made some great connections, but I haven't had the time to sit and plan. Hence, sometimes I don't post for a week. Oops.

7. Find a worthy cause: I suppose I should have said, find a second worthy cause. I have historically done a whole lot with Girl Scouts, and I still do. I'm at the office or at a camp at least twice a month {this month a whole lot more}. So, I have that on my plate, and I'm not ready to add anything else yet. Not until the thesis is done for real. On the other hand, I am sponsoring a pretty cool blog this month whose ads go directly to Africa {more on this later} and I have a new blog series on giving.

8.  Get Healthy: Not as much as I'd like. I've been going to the gym, but this month my gym is hosting a 30 day challenge that I'm going to take part in. Hopefully that will kick start the process a little bit more.

How were your goals during September? Did you meet any?

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