Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some New Goals

If you read my post earlier this week, you know that I am a bit lost. I'm not in school, I don't have a job, and I'm freaking out a little bit without those things to focus on. In an effort to channel my nervous energy, I've come up with some new goals:

1. Apply for every opportunity that I am presented with. No excuses. I've been good about this, but I don't want to wish later that I would have applied for something but didn't. On the other hand, I want to focus on jobs that I want, am passionate about, and am qualified for.

2. Finish the Thesis. I'm well on my way, but I am absolutely prepared for this to consume my life for the next few weeks or so.

3. Read a book a week. Actually, I would love to read 52 books this year, but I'm not exactly sure that's going to happen. I'm pretty behind and {(hopefully)} I'll have full-time employment sooner rather than later. That being said, I am going to focus on books I have but need to read before I buy, trade for, or check-out any new books. There will be a forthcoming blog post about this!

4. Earn some extra money to cushion my emergency fund. I  have several little things I am doing to start this process, but after a few weeks, I'm going to work on finding a part-time job to really add some extra padding there. I also am planning on going through my stuff in my parents' garage {(again)} to see what I really need and what I can get rid of via Craig's list. Camp teaches you that you just don't need a whole lot of stuff.

5. Catch-up with old friends. I am actually bad about this. I would much rather sit at home some nights than go out and so I am challenging myself to find inexpensive things to do with people. Also, I am going to keep up my writing habit! I love getting and sending mail, and its a fun way to keep in-touch with folks who live farther away.

6. Really focus on the blog. In an abstract way, I've always said that I wanted this blog to be bigger than it is and find some new material to put here, but I have never had the time. I definitely have a little bit of time now, so I'm going to make this a priority and research various ways to expand what I write about and the audience I reach.

7. Find a worthy cause. If I have some time after things slow down a little bit {(after I am done with the thesis!)} I'd like to find somewhere to volunteer. I miss giving my time, and I would love to get back into that. It will be a challenge to find a good place to volunteer without making a long-term commitment. I don't want to have people counting on me only to get a job in another state.

8. Get Healthy: Oh, did I let my physical health slip a bit this pas year? Yeah, a bit. So, I'm biting the bullet and joining a gym, and am going to go Being active makes me feel so much better, as does making my meals from real ingredients. The goal is not weight-loss {(though, that would be a welcome side-product)} but to increase my endurance and stamina so I can attack some of my Bucket List. Can't run a half marathon or do a Tri if I can't run a mile without wheezing!

I'm guessing that this will be enough to keep me busy for the foreseeable future. I sure hope so!  

What goals are you working on? 

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