Monday, October 17, 2011

Thoughts for a Monday

Sometimes you just have to talk about your weekend. Not that mine was particularly exciting, but it was busy.

On Saturday I went to a welcome home party for a good friend of mine who just returned from Afghanistan. We {and especially his fiance} are so glad to have him home! Lena {who also took the picture below} decorated a killer cake for his return too. Chocolate chip cake with a chocolate chip cookie dough filling. Um, yum?!

On Sunday, it was all about thesis editing. I sat my butt at Starbucks for five hours. Five.  I got most things done in that time, but dang it, it was a loooong time.

On the funny side, I printed out my 91 pages at Office Max before I went to Starbucks and the print shop guy {and another random stranger} was in awe. I thought about offering an autograph, but really, 91 pages is pretty normal {mmk, maybe on the long side for a thesis, but not by much}.

{Yes, that file folder is my thesis}

How was your weekend? Any adventures to share? I'll have some fun weekend adventures to talk about soon {and some of them might include knocking something off of my Bucket List. Ahem}!


  1. I'm glad thesis work went well! Go you for 91 pages...that's awesome! And that cake is amazing...Lena is so talented! I'm glad your friend made it back safely. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  2. @Kristen: It's 94 now. I think I will never be done editing. Ever. Hope everything is going well for you!