Monday, June 20, 2011

Keyword Chaos, Summer Edition!

Right before camp gets a little more hectic {(and my posts get a little more random; camp always provides some AWESOME stories for me to share!)} I thought I'd entertain you with another keyword chaos post. Enjoy!

are pineapple pizzas still good money?: Um, they were ever not good money?

do you have to eat pineapples before making pineapple pizza: Well, I highly recommend it!

pizza takeaway post comment: Are you taking away the pizza, the post, or the comment?

shakshuka slow cooker: Brilliant idea!

tel aviv trip: Awesome!

poached eggs in tomato israeli: A tomato Israeli? As in, an Israeli made out of tomato? Weird.

shawn the baptist: He's kind of a weird dude, no?

how to make a mocha at home with drip coffee: Yum!

shakshuka haloumi pronounce: Shah-kh-shoo-kah; Hah-loo-mee

mlittlekitchen: Is that supposed to be "My Little Kitchen?" Is that like My Little Pony?

jetlag pineable: No jetlag over here, thank goodness, but what's a pineable? Spell check is your friend.

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