Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drip coffee hazelnut mocha

I am constantly talking about my "latte factor" {(side note: this refers to the little things you buy everyday, but could make at home, that add up to take out a chunk of your budget)}, which ironically, are mochas. I love mochas. I love the bitter, the sweet, the salty {(if they do it right)} and the chocolate. In the winter I survive(d) off of peppermint mochas and in the summer, I love iced ones.

But, the price tag {(not to mention the calorie count!)} is just too high to justify for all but a special treat. So, I learned how to make them at home with drip coffee, and I haven't looked back. Sure, I go to my local espresso bar and have the professionals make them for me sometimes, but $4 every few weeks is far better than $4 every few days. And, I'll let you in on a secret: drip coffee often has more caffeine than an espresso beverage.

Drip Coffee, however you make it {(I use a coffee press, and L.O.V.E. it!)}
1 T sugar
1 T cocoa powder
skim milk

Note: the hazelnut flavor, for me, comes from my coffee. I buy Dunkin' Donuts Hazelnut Coffee; you can use creamer, or buy your own flavor syrup, or buy a version of hazelnut coffee. Up to you!


Place sugar and cocoa powder in the bottom of your coffee cup/travel mug {(most of the time, its a travel mug for me!)}
Pour in hot coffee
Stir in skim milk/creamer.

You're done. Oh, how easy it is to save roughly $4 {(I think the final total for this cup was maybe $0.30 or so)} and a bunch of calories {(final calorie count is around 80 calories, if you put in the full tablespoons of sugar and cocoa powder; I often don't)}!

As a side note, you can make this yourself at Starbucks and similar coffee places. Simply ask for a Hazlenut drip coffee {(I usually go for the "bold pick of the day")} and add nonfat milk and some of the chocolate powder they have at the napkin stand. I've found that I actually prefer that to a bonafide mocha!


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