Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I'm one of those people. The kind that think about getting cards for weeks before I need to get them. And then, I either get them and don't send them, or I just don't get them. And, well, today is Father's Day. Oops.

But, that doesn't mean I don't love my Daddy. Let me tell you about him: he is calm, collected, a planner, a mentor, and just a great guy. He was always there for me growing up, and he still is. I wish I'd thought of this sooner; I have so many pictures I could have scanned in to show you just how much he loves me, and loved being with me and my sister when we were little.

And it just wasn't when we were little. He still comes to everything I ask him to and then some. When I interned at Disney World my whole family came to visit:

Mom and Dad with Mickey
One thing I love about my Dad is that he always takes pictures of everything. He doesn't mind that I just woke up on Christmas morning in my PJs, he wants a picture for the memories. Sometimes I hide and say its annoying, but I love that I am always beautiful to him. Here is he is on Ring Day, taking pictures:

And here we are before the tu {Note: UT vs. A&M} game my senior year at A&M.

I camped out for our tickets and one of my friends was unable to go, so on the spur of the moment I said "Dad, did you want the ticket?!" It caught him off guard, and it took some convincing {I literally asked about 30 minutes before I left Houston}, but he ended up coming and we had such a great time! The Aggies won {Whoop!} and I got to go to a football game with my dad. Considering that everything I know about football has come from him, it was kind of fitting.

So, Happy Father's Day Daddy. I don't tell you enough how much I love you and how thankful I am for you. And now I have made myself cry. Have a Happy Father's Day to all of you Dads out there!

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