Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mud and Canoes (Day Two)

Um, so my goal was to share pictures from summer camp this year. But, I just LOVE this picture. The summer you see I was Assistant Canoeing Director. I had so much fun that year. Me and Tiny {(the one in the green)} has just finished doing the "extreme" slip n' slide. That is, running and jumping in the mud, no actual slip n' slide required.

I'm fairly certain that this was the same week we had the campers whose whole goal was to get as nasty and grimy as possible. Human s'mores, human tie-dye, oatmeal wrestling, dragon snot, pudding pinatas {side note: anyone know how to make an n with a tilde on it?}. Mud was pretty tame by comparison.

You know what's awesome? We have canoes at my camp, even though my camp is on a bay. I'm going to experiment and see how that works, exactly. I'm not so sure that a river canoe in a choppy bay is a good idea, but I'm sure going to have some fun trying it out!

Have a fun Saturday everyone!

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