Friday, May 01, 2015

Cambodia: Angkor Wat

Back in October I planned a trip to Angkor Wat. I was originally undecided between there and Yunnan {a beautiful area in southern China}, and was persuaded to go by a few friends. I had to cancel that trip so that I could fly home and see my Nana. I absolutely made the right choice at that time, but I knew it was important to her that I still travel and see everything. So, when I made plans for Spring Festival this year, Cambodia was my very first stop. Angkor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that extends 400 km {squared} and includes temples, villages, schools, dams, and a whole lot else.

Y'all I was blown away. As you'll see over my next few posts, Angkor is stunning. The idea that what was built so long ago {the 9th century!} is still here and still so relatively well preserved is astounding. And humbling.

The pictures below are of Angkor Wat, probably the most famous of all the temples in Angkor. It was originally built as a Hindu temple and gradually changed to Buddhist as the religious make-up of the Khmer empire changed. You can read about the history  and architecture of Angkor Wat here {yes, I did just link to Wikipedia}.

What "wonders of the world" have you seen?

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