Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Book Review: The Martian

Oh, hi there! Um, I haven't done a book review, or blogged regularly in awhile. Sometimes, life just gets a hold of you and you want to live in the moment. Or, you have a lot of intense things happening and you don't know what to say. Or you're lazy. Or, all of the above.

But, after I posted some pics of Hong Kong {and am preparing posts about my  trip to Cambodia and Vietnam} I realized that maybe I was ready to blog again. So, here I am.

{Source: Goodreads}

The Martian, by Andy Weir, is kind of sci-fi, and kind of not. Astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead and left on Mars as the 3rd Mars landing mission is aborted due to technical problems. The only thing? He's not dead. 

That's maybe not a great thing considering that a) nobody knows this because his comm system fried itself,  b) he has to figure out how to survive long enough for NASA to rescue him and c) he has to figure out how to get in contact with NASA in the first place.

This novel was awesome. I couldn't put it down. It hit all my sweet spots for novels: science, space, journals, NASA. I really enjoyed the characters and how Weir interpreted that NASA would handle this crisis, and I loved how it all played out via Earth, Mars, and the astronauts still in space during the ordeal. Reading the last few pages of the novel was tense....really tense. It was just like watching an action movie with everything going on. Timing was critical and Weir wrote it extremely well. I felt incredibly satisfied when I finished this novel.

I absolutely recommend this novel to anyone who: is an engineer, likes science, likes space, enjoys sci-fi, or just likes a good novel. You won't be sorry!

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