Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Blogging from China

Hi everyone. I've been....scarce here. I thought you should know why. There are several reasons.

For one, I've been a bit lazy. This Texas girl isn't used to winter, and boy, do I have winter! It makes me want to sit in my bed, under my toasty wool comforter, and read many books {or, watch Downton Abbey for hours at a time}. I haven't been cooking either. Yep, lazy.

For another thing, the internet is, erm, tricky, here. This post from The Middle Kingdom explains things very well. I DO have the ability to get here to update, but only at certain times of the day, and only if the stars align. I'm figuring out the best times to post and such, but slowly. So, posting will be a bit trickier for a few more weeks.

But don't worry! I have so many things planned for this blog! And I have blogging goals! And other goals! In the next few weeks I'll recap 2012, review my reading challenge, show you Tianjin, and share some book reviews with you! In the next few months I'll share my upcoming vacation {Thailand}, and I'll {hopefully} be adding a segment to update my progress in learning Chinese! And, of course, I have goals for 2013. Big ones.

So things are not over. They're just slow. But, they'll be picking up, and soon.

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