Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bucket List: The Great Wall

Hello, friends! Long time no see! Things have been busy 'round these parts: I recently took a trip to Thailand for Spring Festival {Chinese New Year} and then my sister came to Beijing to visit.

One of the things we did while she was The Great Wall. It was awesome, y'all. I've seen a few things in my life, but the wall? Superb.

Our hotel arranged for a private car for us {not as expensive as it sounds, and well worth it if you're considering a trip to China} and together with a few of my friends we made the trek out there.

The sky was blue {not always the case here!}, the air was crisp, and it was the perfect day. And, I got to cross another thing off my Bucket List.

A perfect day. What have you crossed off your Bucket List lately?

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