Monday, April 02, 2012

Book Review: Spindle's End

Oh my, I think I am becoming addicted to Book Swaps, y'all. I had such a great experience when I participated in the first one that I couldn't wait for this one. I was not disappointed!

My partner was Christianna from The Girl With the Blue Bow {y'all, she's awesome and super sweet!}. We e-mailed alot back and forth with book lists, Goodreads, and general booky discussions.

She sent me this book:

This was a charming re-creation of the classic Sleeping Beauty fairytale {baby girl is born, is cursed, is hidden, touches a spindle, is rescued} with a twist I love: she rescues herself!

We follow Rosie, our main character, as she is taken from her mother as a newborn on her naming day after she is cursed by an affronted fairy. She is raised by Kat and Aunt two fairies,  in the Gig a small, rural area far away from the palace and questing eyes of evil fairies. We watch Rosie grow, learn to talk to animals, be self-sufficient, and make friends with unlikely characters.

Toward the end of the novel when the curse is set to expire and/or explode, we watch as Rosie and her entourage plan a charade to fool the evil fairy. When that doesn't go as planned, we see her determination, grit, and loyalty as she fights to save not only herself, but her town, her family, and her kingdom.

Although I often thought McKinley could have used a good editor {her sentences run on, and on, and on....}, she weaves a wonderful tale of self-reliance, kindness, and yes, love. It was so refreshing to read a fairytale where the female protagonist does not wait for others to change her situation: she changes it herself. She and I would get along, I think.

I should also mention that Christianna sent me this book as well {I told you she was awesome!} so look for that in a future review! I've heard great things!

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  1. So glad y'all were such a good match!

  2. So glad you liked the book. I don't remember her sentences being really long, but it's been years since I read it last. I have all of her books though and love her to pieces! Glad you dug it!

  3. Sounds like a fun book! Gotta love the modern twist on a classic story :)