Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Keyword Chaos: Spring Addition

I haven't done keyword chaos in awhile because I haven't seen many funny search terms. There have been a few, but nothing that would warrant a full blog post. And then, I got some stinkin' hilarious ones that I just HAD to share.

chicken with pasta sauce and mozza cheese in slow cooker: Mozza cheese? In my brain this sounds like Matzo cheese. But, it's not Passover yet!

famous jews: What, me?! I kid, I kid.

cut up the t-shirt: And mark it with a....oh wait, wrong rhyme. I wonder why this person wants to cut up a t-shirt? Marital problems? Disobedient teenagers?

penguins and hippos/penguin hippo: I am amazed that this is consistently one of my top search terms. Odd.

pipe cleaner carrot: Um, that sounds icky.

vibrams with jeans: Love my Vibrams with any kind of pants/skirt/bathing suit. Yes, please!

adventure through the vagina: I'm not entirely sure what kind of "adventure" this person is looking for, but he/she might want to check into these resources:

The Dirty Normal
Scarleteen {not just for teens, I promise!}
Dan Savage
Babeland {<-that link is definitely for 18+ year olds}

flip flop tickling: If your flip flops tickle you, then you have some other issues.

girl flip flop: As opposed to a boy flip flop? Are flip flops like babies now? They have genders?

I hope you enjoyed! I'll be back with more in the summah tiiiime! {please imagine a southern twang when you read that}


  1. OMG... LMAO at the "adventure through the vagina"

  2. How cute & how fun!
    Did you find this on google or through blogger?
    Pipe Cleaner Carrot...what's that all about?!

    Mine are boring :(