Sunday, January 22, 2012

If I Could Build a Camp From Scratch

I'm not here today. I mean I'm *here* but I'm not at my computer, in Houston. No, I'm at the annual ACA Southwest Conference. Two days full of full-time camp people? Yes, please!

In honor of my "vacation" I'm going to share with you some of the pins from my Pinterest Board "If I Could Build a Camp From Scratch." One of my pie-in-the-sky dreams is to build a camp. Seriously. Take a piece of land, build some stuff, and bring the kids. Ideally, they'd all be scholarship kids. Everyone who wants to will come and play, skin their knees and swim away from the monster squid in the lake.

There would be treehouses with curly staircases. Perfect for late-night whispering and stories:

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Swings to read on:

A kickin' craft room where you can paint on the walls, the tables, the chairs....

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Maybe some fun cabins on the lake for the older, trustworthy campers.

And a big library perfect for forts and indoor camp outs.

So, anyone else out there wanna go in with me? Let's get this sucker started!

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  1. I'm in! My boyfriend keeps coming up with grand ideas for building a cob house or a yurt. Haha. Personally, I'd love a nice treehouse. So glad I'm not alone!