Tuesday, November 01, 2011

October Goals and Recap

Another month, another set of goals, right? If you'll remember, I've had these goals for a few months. Here's the recap from October:

1. Apply for every opportunity I've been presented with: So far, so good. Just waiting on some nibbles.

2. Finish the thesis: Check and check! I have some minor edits I'll have to do for the Thesis office, but I'm basically D-O-N-E!

3. Read a book a week: Yes! Now that I've gotten into audiobooks {yay, library}, I've been getting through several a week. One of my babysitting jobs gives me a lot of reading time as well, so I've been flying through them!

4. Pad the emergency fund: Yup. Still getting there. It doesn't grow as fast as I would like, but finding new part-time employment at this point seems counter-productive.

5. Catch up with old friends: Doing better! We recently welcomed home one of my friends from Afghanistan, and we'll be welcoming home another in November. I've also been making it a point to go out every once in awhile. I'm such a homebody, but being around people is a good thing!

6. Focus on the blog: Better! I've got some ad space and have been working on finding good guest post avenues! I'm also happy to report I have several new subscribers! Welcome!

7. Find a worthy cause:  Yes and no. I just started having more time, so I've found several worthy causes but have only been supporting them with money. I hope to fix that soon, especially with the holidays coming soon.

8. Get healthy: Getting better! I've been a bit more active lately, and I'm getting better every week.

New goals for November {to add to previous ones}:

Get two manuscripts out the door: One based on the thesis, one based on a different project. They need to be done.

Finish most of my holiday shopping: Self explanatory. I really dislike waiting until I have to fight crowds.

Organize my stuff: My parent's garage is a mess. Big mess. This is partially due to me needing things and having to move boxes, and partially because I have so much crap. I have some time to fix that now. Hallelujah.

What are some of your goals for this month? Did you meet your goals from last month?


  1. youre doing great ; i am so jealous of all the books you have time to read.
    and i love seeing your blog grow!

  2. Wow! Great work on your goals- that's definitely something I need to start doing. Goal #1- set some goals! :)