Thursday, September 08, 2011

A little bit bookish

We all know that I love books {no really, Lauren, tell us something we don't know!}. When I was a kid my mom had to force me to go outside because reading a book just seemed so much better than running around and getting sweaty! Weird considering I always read about kids going outside and getting sweaty in Little House on Prairie, The Bobsey Twins, The Babysitter's Club, and The Boxcar Children.

I have loved books since before I can remember and I read almost everything. My childhood was filled with trips to bookstores and libraries, and I still have many of the books that I bought with my allowance {and later, my salary from my job in the mall}. My dream house will be filled with books, anytime I have an office it is overrun with them. I cannot imagine life without knowledge, without characters, and marvelous descriptions of fantasy worlds and extravagant love affairs. Many of my dreams were born from books, and one day, I'm going to write one.

I just don't know how else to express how much books encompass my way of living, so I thought I'd let some others do it for me. Here are my favorite pins about books on Pinterest {warning: one of these quotes is not appropriate for little eyes and contains some strong language/themes! It is the 7th quote and the background is a turquoisey color if you would like to avoid reading it}:

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And, I love with every single quote from Bookfessions. So, you should go there and just read all of them.

What inspires you about books? What did you read as a kid?!

**As a side note: I know this is not related to Gussy's prompt, but in Texas we have/had some scary fires going on. I'm trying to organize a coordinated giving effort among bloggers to donate to the Red Cross of Central Texas, The United Way of Montgomery County, and the Texas Wildfire Relief Fund. Please let me know if you're interested in participating in the effort somehow, or just go donate! In a few days I will have a post up about everyone who is doing something {bloggers and non-bloggers alike} and I'll also have an awesome giveaway fundraiser!

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  1. Oh, I hope my kiddos would love reading that much!That Dr. Suess quote is my favorite

  2. How do you like Mistress of the Revolution? It's been on my 'to-read' list for a while.

  3. My parents had to tell me to put down the books and go outside too!! And it's my dream to someday write a novel - I have the plot and everything, I just need the time (haha!)

  4. @Megan: I really do heart Dr. Suess. I'm buying several books of his for a baby shower I'm going to in October!

    @Anne: It's OK. I'm a big fan of historical fiction of that era, so I've read a lot of those types of books. Worth the time, but a little bit slow moving. When I finish I'll write a full-scale review on here if you want to wait to check it out!

    @Sarah: I'm currently writing a thesis; no time for fiction. Actually, I'll probably get to a non-fiction book before I get to a fiction one, but what can you do? Thanks for following?

  5. I was worried it might be a bit slow. I'll have to see if I can get through it. A book review would be awesome! :)