Thursday, July 14, 2011

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

Can I just say, I love Gussy and her inspiration workshop. I love seeing who gets inspiration from where, and I love seeing what Gussy comes up with for her topics. And well, this week we're talking about sunshine.

I very obviously love sunshine.

I love that it helps the grass grow {(or my sunflowerlings; more on that later)}, and that it makes the air warm {(um, maybe a little too warm)}, and clouds go away.

These pictures were taken in the middle of a thunderstorm a few days ago. You could see the line of clouds as they passed over camp:

Can you believe this picture? This is the sunrise as I was hiking up Masada in Israel. It. was. breathtaking.

When I haven't seen the sun for awhile I get fidgety, and mopey, and tired. Being outside, and especially being active in the sun just makes my heart happy.

What do you love about sunshine?

P.S. Sorry for the short-ish post. Today is a VERY big day for me, and for camp!

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