Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I thought I'd take a little break from my summer camp series and just chat about something I've been thinking about lately. Sound cool to you?

I'm a creature of habit, sometimes. I know I try to portray myself as someone who loves adventures, and doesn't want to settle down, and wants to have the grand, sweeping journeys. And, for the most part, I do. But....I do sort of cling to things I "know" about myself sometimes.

For example, I have hated bananas since I was about 7 years old, and based that on a memory from my cousin's Bar Mitzvah. I always had thought that people who ate bananas were  so cool {(remember, I was 7)} and got myself one off of a buffet line. I remember being SO excited, and peeling this banana. I took a big bite and...yuck! It tasted like pure nausea to me, if nausea can even have a taste. It was slimy, and icky, and just plain gross. I ran to the trash can, spit out that piece of banana, gave the rest to one of my parents and haven't looked back since.  Until yesterday.

I'd been sitting in the camp office looking at our ACA book and got a terrible charlie horse. Not knowing that oranges have more potassium than bananas or that you can get potassium from a bunch of other sources, I went to the galley and grabbed one {(charlie horses are just not fun)}. As I peeled it, I mentioned to the other staff that I really didn't like bananas, and sort of made a face. And then, I bit into it. It was yummy! Go figure.

How's that for a reminder that things change? That sometimes we change, especially when we least expect it. And you know what? Its OK to not be the person you were last year or last month. Growth takes many forms, and its fun to see how it all manifests itself from day to day.

Have you had any fun reminders, today?

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