Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th of July (Day 6)

Have I mentioned that I *love* fireworks? I so love fireworks.

When I was little I did not like them at all. I liked the pretty colors, but they were much too loud for my little ears. I have many memories of being at Astroworld, watching the fireworks, and keeping my fingers firmly stuffed in my ears. One time we were at a 4th of July BBQ at our neighbor's house, and my sister and I had to be escorted away when they started shooting off the popping fireworks {(yeah, fireworks are legal where I live)}.

Love the green fireworks

Now, though, I cannot get enough. I used to use my free admission into the parks at Disney to go watch Illuminations, or Fantasmic, or Wishes. I'd go in about 15 minutes before the show, and leave right afterwards. Sitting, watching fireworks just makes my heart happy, and when they happen near summer camp?! Well, how can I even describe how wonderful that is?

Those lights to the right are lights from the boardwalk

As you can see, we were a little far away and my camera was a little shaky. The mosquitos were also out in force, and the people who own the property next to camp we busy screaming and waving their flashlights around {(um, seriously, I don't even let my youngest campers do that!)}; but, I had some fabulous company, and a wonderful ocean breeze.


Happy belated 4th of July friends! I hope you had a fun-filled, meaningful day.

P.S. Have you seen the Birthday Bash Giveaway over at GussySews? You should drop in an wish her a Happy Birthday!

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