Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Feature: Keyword Chaos!

I don't anticipate that I'll do this very often, but it seems like a fun idea. One of the blogs I used to read did this on a regular basis (she had WAY more of a fan based than I) and it always made me chuckle. What's this you ask? Why, Keyword Chaos, of course!

Basically, I can see how people get to my page, and what they search for to get here.  Some of the search terms are funny, some are interesting, and some of them seem to be questions that I might be able to answer.  For the past few months, here are the most popular search terms, and my responses (many of these are not to be taken seriously!). Enjoy!

have substantial student: Is that you have substantial students? Like big students?

how to cook shiner stew: In a crock-pot!

you tube pizza with pineapple: Soon, I promise! Not to spoil the surprise, but, I make a sweet potato pizza crust that will be fantastic with a pineapple topping!

where to find Shiner cheer in D.C.: I wasn't in D.C. during the holidays, but I know you could get Shiner Bock at Harris Teeter (and maybe from Pea Pod?). I'd check with them about maybe including some Shiner Cheer during the holidays!

and in general people: I just am not sure what people "in general" are....

blogspot my apartment: Is 'blogspot' a verb here?

did they have snow in Texas 2011: Yes!

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