Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Snow in Texas 2011 Edition

Yep. Me in my PJs and (warm) slippers standing
in the snow! Well, the icy snow.

It seems to be a recurring theme here. A tradition, if you will (and, I might).  A few inches of snow, a smidge of ice, the day off of school once a winter.  Yes, we did get the entire day off school because of a few inches of snow. It was pretty, and most of it melted by 3pm.

For your enjoyment, I made sure to document the event, both at 3:30am when the undergrads had a snow-ball fight outside my window, and at about 9am when I took pictures to prove to my parents that it really DID snow in my college town (they live about an hour away and were promised snow: they got about 1/4 in. of ice which shut down the city and caused 100s of accidents. Texans do NOT know how to drive on snow/ice).

Snow in front of my apartment at 3:30am

Row of cars

Cars from the other side
I didn't take very good quality pictures at 3:30 am. For one thing, it was 3:30. For another, I sort of just put on my slippers and a hoodie, and it. was. cold. I barely snapped these before I shivered.  It warmed up considerably (and I was better prepared) later in the morning.

Right in front of my apartment.

The street in front of my apartment. 
Note: that car is driving about 5mph.

This is what my parking lot looked like
Have a happy day, friends! I hope that if you have snow, yours melts the same day, like ours did!

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  1. saw several of these accidents on the news! stay warm and safe! =)