Thursday, February 20, 2014

FIVE on Friday

I'm really excited to jump on the FIVE on Friday bandwagon. Sometimes I have little ideas or things happen that I want to blog about, but don't have enough for an ENTIRE post. Plus, isn't it great to talk about the little things from time to time? I think so.

I made this thai chicken curry soup for dinner this week. It was pretty fabulous, super easy, and the ingredients are very accessible if you know your way around the Asian market {or aisle}.

I've been sending a lot of money back to the States recently to start saving for a few pretty big goals. I'll talk more about it as it begins to take shape, but I have been bitten by the travel bug {and, um, the Scotland bug, thanks Outlander} and I'll need money to feed it.

Speaking of travel, for the first time ever, I've decided to book a getaway for my birthday. I live in a huge and gorgeous country, and travel within it is pretty cheap. So, you can look forward to a few fun posts around May or so.

AND, also speaking of travel, I get to be home soon! I'll be in the States for a dear friend's wedding, and I cannot wait to catch up with the family, meet some new babies {goodness y'all, give it a rest!}, and eat some great Tex Mex.

A little closer to "home," I'm preparing for my upcoming move by crossing things off my Tianjin and Beijing Bucket Lists and purging all sorts of unnecessary things from my apartment. This is, thankfully, fairly easy as all of the furniture in my apartment belongs to my landlord. So, a big clothing/household goods box will be up for grabs for my Tianjin friends, but no need to figure out how to move the couch!

What are five things happening in your life these days?

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