Tuesday, February 18, 2014


You know how life has a funny way of letting you get comfortable and then throwing a curve-ball your way? That happens all the time in China. Rules change all the time, seemingly without reason or notice.

Recently, we were all called into a meeting at work hosted by a regional manager and lots of HR people. Scary much? I can't tell you why the meeting was called, but I CAN tell you my own personal outcome: I'm moving in May.

Part of me was thrilled. I get to go to another city in China! My company is going to pay for it! Maybe another promotion! Part of me was dismayed: I finally felt settled in Tianjin. I have friends, I know my way around without using taxis, I have a Chinese tutor, and I {finally} feel like part of community.

I think, overall, this is a blessing in disguise. One of the {many} reasons I'm here is to challenge myself. and to see the world. I can't do either if I am so comfortable that I never want to leave my little apartment. So, over the next few months, I'm going to write a Tianjin and Beijing Bucket List, ruthlessly cull the belongings in my apartment, and get ready for a new adventure!

And I have some exciting plans for the blog. It is part of my New Year's resolution to stop feeling sorry for myself {which I have been doing lately}, get off my butt, and record the awesome things I get to do as an expat. So, you can expect more updates with good pictures, and for me to be more present here. It will happen.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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