Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tokyo: Shrines

Even though it seems that all I did in Tokyo was go to the Tokyo Disney Resort, I actually did a lot of exploring on my own. I tried to take a bike tour, but it was gross and rainy most of the time I was there so it wasn't an option.

That didn't stop me from walking around and seeing some of the big sites! I hit two of the most famous shrines in Tokyo, the Sensoji Shrine in Asakusa and the Meiji Shrine near Harajuku. I actually stayed in Asakusa so I walk by the Sensoji Shrine on my way to the subway {the Tokyo train system is awesome!} and I did quite a bit of roaming, eating, and shopping in this area.

I equally loved the Meiji Shrine and Harajuku. The neighborhood is young and hip {am I old for using that word?} in that there are many little boutiques and french toast shops {waffles and french toast as snacks are all the rage in Asia at the moment}. It just has a small-town vibe in a big city. And the shrine? You have to walk 10-15 minutes through a gorgeous forest to get there and the shrine itself is quite and refreshing. Whereas the Sensoji Shrine is big, and crowded, and vibrant, the Meiji Shrine is much more serene. It was breath-taking.

Here are a few more pictures of random things I saw. I will definitely be back to Japan!

Where have you gone lately? Any new places or experiences {even where you live?}.

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