Sunday, June 30, 2013

Follow Along

Lately, I haven't been so concerned with amassing new followers. Please don't misunderstand: I am SO glad you are here, all of you! And, welcome to the new group of you that just started following! In a past blog life {like, last year} I was very worried about finding new followers and then even more worried when I couldn't get them as fast as others seemed to be able to. I'd plod along at 2-3 new folks per week, and other blogs had hundreds jump on the bandwagon every few days.

Then, I realized that all of that worrying was taking the fun out of blogging. I'm here because I believe I have something to share. I want to document my experiences in China, and share my love of books, and throw a recipe around every now and again. If you want to follow, I am honored. If not? I understand. Not every blog is for every person.

However, with this new Google Reader thing {mmk, its not new, but, well, China} I realized that it is important that I have a presence somewhere besides blogger. I might not be trying to drive new readership so much anymore, but I want y'all to know that you're important to me. I also want it to be easy if someone stumbles along my blog to have some options if they like what they see. Soooo, I'm on Bloglovin' now!

You can follow me by clicking on the button over here ---------->

Be sure to add me to a feed, somewhere. Bloglovin' made it really easy even for those {like me} who were late to the game and realized that they'd lose feeds if they didn't climb out from under a rock, and soon!

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