Thursday, October 18, 2012

Closer to the Bucket List: The Forbidden City

So, I haven't made it to the Great Wall yet. Not yet. But soon.

Despite that, I did knock a major thing off my "do in China" list: The Forbidden City.

Y'all, this place is huge. HUGE. We walked for four hours and saw a small portion.

But, it was gorgeous.

Right before I took this picture, I took a picture for lady from Spain who was amazed I wasn't part of her tour group. Yes, I was able to use my {limited} Spanish skills in Beijing. Its a Small World, Afterall!

There are two of these in one of the outer courtyards. This one is a female {you can see her cub under her right paw} and the other is a male {he has a ball under his paw}.

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  1. Ah, this brings back memories of my trip to China last year! Tip for the Great Wall, try to choose the sections that are further away from the city and less touristy, so you can appreciate it better. :)