Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pens for....her?

It's been a long, long time since I have found something SO HILARIOUS on the internet. Mostly, I read too much political stuff and get angry and scream at my computer. But this? Priceless.

Introducing Bic Pens for her, for sale in the UK and Europe. From the Amazon product description, we know that these pens offer a design that fits "comfortably in a woman's hand" and an "attractive barrel design available in pink and purple." As ridiculous as that sounds {I mean, really, I think Lisa Frank covered this whole pen thing years ago}, the best part are the Customer Reviews.

Let me be clear: there are no serious reviews. All are sarcastic, hilarious, and {rightly} taunting to Bic for coming up with such a silly product. Some of my favorites?

From Zoe:

An outrage-- who deemed it necessary for women to write things? It's bad enough when women get their claws on men-pens-- but at least they're harpy claws can't adequately grasp the "For Him" shape. These "For Her" pens are promising a generation of incorrigible Friedanites-- a real danger to this already threatened international climate. Surely, pens "For Her" are harbingers of wild orgies, witchcraft, and, in due time, the feminist-wrought apocalypse. If women can write, they'll soon be writing employers memos asking for ridiculous things like "equal pay" or "reproductive rights." Nonsense and poppycock!

From Ellie:

I bought these pens because I grew tired of manly pens that were too robust for my dainty hands. However, I must warn all you post-menopausal BIC(R) For Her users that using these pens can reverse menopause. I am now pregnant with triplets. What do I do now? 

And, from Alk:

I bought it simply because it was pink, and shiny, and would go with my outfit. I was going to my first job interview, I was going to be interviewed for a secretary in one of those big offices that are for men. So when I took out this pen to sign my name in the guest book, I felt this weird rush of confidence going through me. I felt...worthy, like I could actually do something more than look pretty, stare blankly and smile.
I got the job and now I am a happy office worker and the only woman in the office.These pens have changed my life. Girl Power! 

The rest of these are just as great. I will say, some are a bit bawdy {orgies, using the word "shaft" for pen, sexual innuendos, that sort of thing} but mostly in good taste. I bet Bic doesn't try this nonsense again!

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  1. Dr. Pepper pulled the same crap a few months ago.
    Really companies? Can't we all just share pens and drinks?