Saturday, June 16, 2012

Having a Yard Sale

Have you missed me?! Things have been a little hectic around here. Camp starts {with campers} on Sunday {squee}, I'm shipping things off to get my visa, and I'm having a yard sale this morning.

Can I confess something? I'm selling a lot, but I'm kind of mooching off of my relatives. My aunt has the coolest vintage dishes and glasses. Like these.

I've claimed eight matching iced tea glasses and this vintage green tupperware set. I'm supposed to be getting rid of things, right? But really, could you resist these?

Some other fun treasures:

That milk glass vase? I'm trying very hard not to claim it for myself. Veeeeery hard.

If you're around today {looking at you #htownbloggers}, feel free to drop by. I can probably also be convinced to sell you the cool glasses if you can Tweet me or shoot me an e-mail before someone here grabs them!

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