Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eleven Questions

I've seen a bit of a jump {again!} in followers, so it seemed perfect that I was tagged in this meme by Melissa at Beautifully Quirky. I can't come up with 11 more facts about myself, but I do love answering questions! Here are some things you might not know:

1. Best thing that happened to you when you were 20 years old?:

I went to work for Walt Disney World. Best. Internship. Ever.

2. When did you lose your virginity?
Let me just interject: I hate that term. I didn't "lose" anything. I know exactly what happened and it wasn't an accident. I made a fully informed choice with someone I cared about. I was much older than you would expect.

Also, what the heck is "virginity" anyways? It's not medical or anatomical. It's a social construct which is only relevant to ONE type of sex, and yet, some people base the entire self-worth of women off of this idea of purity. ::hmmph::
3. Favorite board game as a child and why?

Candy Land. I don't exactly remember why, though, only that I asked my parents to play for hours and hours and hours...

4. Target or Walmart?

Target. All the way.

5. The worst date you've been on was to where?

Oh lord, to a bubble tea shop {actually, one of my favorite spots}. And it wasn't the place that made it bad. This dude disclosed all kinds of personal stuff {"I smoke. I mean, but it's medicinal. It helps my IBS."} that would be relevant except that it was the first {well, only} date. Except smoking. That's kind of icky. Also, he tried to impress me by telling me his dad {"well, not my real dad, but the guy my mom is married to who I respect."} knows the King of Sweden. Also, "his company was so awesome that he rented out Disney World for his employees." Um, no he didn't. He didn't rent out 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and a zillion hotels for his company. He probably got special event tickets to the Magic Kindom.

6. What are two TV shows you do not miss, ever?

Flavor of Love. Anything like Flavor of love.....

7. Which would you rather receive: Chocolates or flowers?

Depends on my mood. I do love flowers, though.

8. Have you ever left your house without underwear on? Details, if so (LOL)!

Yep. Because I forgot to pack any. Let this be a lesson, kids. Always double-check your underwear supply when you go on a weekend road trip. And bring extra cash, just in case!

9. Have you ever visited Mount Rushmore?

One day...

10. Do you know a second language... if so, which one?

I dabble in Spanish and Hebrew, but I'm hopefully going to know Mandarin pretty soon.

11. What is your favorite color?

All of them. No really. All of them.

As always, all of you are tagged! No really! I want to know more about you! Drop me a line/e-mail/tweet!

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  1. First off, I love that you picked apart question number two AND somehow didn't answer the question :D I didn't "lose" mine either, I gave it away willingly to the guy I loved, haha.

    We are now besties because Flavor Of Love is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!