Monday, April 30, 2012

Creating a space

I don't think I ever realized how important my personal touch in a space is. I pride myself on being able to adapt to anything and to live in any kind of space. For the most part, I can. I've lived in dorms, tents, cabins, apartments {both by myself and with 5 other people. No kidding!} and with my parents.

And, until now, those places have all felt like home. All of them. Even when I was fighting with my roommates or sharing my space with raccoons and spiders {true story} it was still pretty homey.

It's not really fair, either, to say that where I'm at doesn't feel like home. It does! I grew up here. I came to visit here quite a bit and I love being here. But, my room, well, it's not mine. I moved out and took my things. It's been painted, new furniture has been bought, the vibe has changed.

I wondered what I could do without disrupting my parents' entire set-up. So, with a little conversation and lot of moving things around I finally have found a great balance.

These are pictures of my favorite part of the room {duh}, my book shelf. I seriously pared down my collection {and might be adding another shelf soon} and have double shelved many books. The result is pretty cozy.

On the adjacent wall is the dresser, and desk. I was recently {generously} gifted with an Elfa rolling storage unit that holds files, cord, office supplies, and random things. I have my camp bulletin board propped along my desk, and have various ways to store my jewelry and accessories. In addition, there are several pictures and drawings above my desk {one of which was given to me by a kid when I worked at Disney World}. In the mirror in the picture below you can also see the massive pile of books on my nightstand, waiting to be read.

How do you make your space feel more like home? Tricks, tips, ideas?

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  1. I love books, I think they are one of the best decorating tools.