Thursday, January 19, 2012

A beautiful retreat

Do you know what my absolute favorite room in any house is? You thought I was going to say kitchen, huh? I was going to say bedroom, but I realistically I think we should call it a tie {Yes?}.

A bedroom is a retreat. A place for quiet. Or not {yes, we've descended into the gutter}. It's serene. A place to hang out all day in your PJs. To get ready for a night on the town. To snuggle with children/pets/lovers {not at the same time!}.

A place to feel secure, and warm, and absolved of responsibility, if only for the night. A place to get lost in worlds of stories, and sink into soft, cushy sheets after a hot shower.

A place to stretch and sigh at the beginning of a new day. A place to relish the way sheets feel on freshly shaved legs and cold toes.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

A place where it's easy to relish nature. To take pleasure in the fresh air, the soothing sounds of outside.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Yes, these are all wonderful bedrooms which I will one day combine into my own perfect space.

And just because I *had* to {still in the gutter, friends}:

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  1. Love it! That bedroom surrounded by books is so fantastic!!

  2. I love getting into a bed of clean sheets with smooth legs - there is nothing like it! i love all the fun pictures too. Gorgeous bedrooms!

  3. Love, love, love the bedroom with all the books! Heavenly!