Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keyword Chaos: September Addition!

Yes, it is time! Time for a little more keyword chaos!

This is a series where I share with you some of the keywords that have been used to find my site. And, since I've notice a bit of an upswing in traffic {yay!} I've gotten some interesting search terms!

ring day a&m photos: These people are sadly disappointed. They're probably looking more for photos like this one:
{Me and my ADORABLE parents!}

Or this one:

{Up close of the shiny!}
Can anyone believe its been almost 4 years since I got my Aggie Ring?! I should write a post about my ring encounters for my "anniversary!"Or perhaps I should just dunk my ring? Hmm.

hippo and penguin: No idea why people like this combination, but I get alot of hits from this search term.

sandals yoga: If you're going to wear shoes, I recommend Vibrams.

easter flip flops: I always wear flip flops on Easter; by that time in Houston it is hot. Of course, I don't *actually* celebrate Easter, so....

eggplant flipflops: No idea. 

how to make a essay mocha flopa: An essay mocha flopa, huh? Spell-check is your friend!

old lady at computer: Many old ladies use computers. Now the question is, why would she want someone to take a picture of her doing it? Also, have you seen this really cute video?

steets of tel aviv: Steet? What the heck is a steet? Do I want to know?!

apollo 13 nasa computer desk: It wasn't so much that there was a computer desk as much as the 
computer was the desk.

horseshoe bay beach: It was so beautiful there.

dead sea shoes: I didn't wear shoes in the dead sea. Its far too salty for shoes.

sunshine vs thunderstorm: Man, we could use a good thunderstorm around here. Seriously.

expensive feet: Oh, you know, I did pay alot for these feet, but you should see what the One Million Dollar Man paid for his. Then what I paid won't seem so unreasonable!

That's all for this quarter folks! I hope you enjoyed it!

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