Monday, August 15, 2011

Snakes (Day 17)

At the end of the summer my camp hosts a day camp for all the kids who are too young to come and stay overnight. I don't necessarily plan this program {(although, I do plan parts of it)} so there are a whole lot of guest speakers. One of them brought snakes for the campers to play and interact with.

Um, they loved it. You think little boys love creatures? Well, little girls happen to love creatures too, especially ones that are sorta slimy and that they can touch and then scream about. I never said they like creatures the same way boys do.

It was actually pretty adorable. The littlest ones would slowly approach the snake {(and its handler)}, tentatively stick out a single finger to stroke it and then immediately scream and pull their entire arms away. Oh, the stories their parents heard were quite interesting, I'm sure!

Here are some pictures of me holding the snakes, for your own personal entertainment.

It was actually kind of cool, which I was not expecting. Really though, I love animals and these guys were just like really long puppies. Kind of. They do try and cuddle in their own, squirmy way. 

There was one snake that liked to sit on people's shoulders. It. was. weird. Kind of like having a rope hang around your neck, and then the rope's muscles start to contract and its tongue is in your ear. I don't think I'll be holding that snake again anytime soon.

Anybody else have any fun animal stories?

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  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Camp Casa Mare? I was supposed to work there this summer, but due to an emergency, I had to back out at the last minute. =/. wish there had been a part time option