Monday, August 01, 2011

It's not easy being green (Day 12) Texas summer that is. I've been trying to grow things this summer, and its...difficult. I had no idea that its such an art. When to water, when not to water, how to tell if you've watered too much or too little. You also have to factor in the oppressive heat we've been having. Seriously, at least 95 F, with around 80% humidity {(if we're lucky)}.

And then, there's the whole "I live at camp" thing, where little hands love nothing more than to pick flowers, leaves, whatever. Case-in-point: my Assistant Camp Director, camp name Turtle, planted a hibiscus plant on a Tuesday. On Friday, the flower was picked off and thrown to about a foot away. Who does that?! 9 year olds, that's who. Also, deer apparently like to eat hibiscus flowers.

At one point I had two or three pots of things growing. The sun killed all of them except for these sunflowerlings:

They're much bigger than they started. This is when they first sprouted:

I hope they eventually look like this:

{(photo credit)}

Are you trying to grow anything this summer?

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  1. Anonymous1:19 AM

    do u hav a pic of when they were seeds