Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dream Job

Do you remember when you were just starting the whole "dating thing" and your mom/aunt/Cosmo/Teen People told you to make a list of what you want in a guy so that you would know what you're looking for? I did that, over and over, and although I still haven't had any luck on that front {(wait, since when has this blog been an outlet for my dating life? Moving on....)} I think its important, in general, to know what you want in life. This is especially true when you're faced with a quick-decision; knowing what you want, what you have to have, and what isn't so important helps you make that decision even in a stressful situation.

So, let's talk jobs:

  • I want a job that I can use my background and experience in; I am very close to having a Master's degree in Recreation and Parks {(concentrating in Youth Development)}, and I have a wealth of experience in youth programming, especially as it relates to camp and nature.
  • I want a job where I get to spend some time with kids. I like talking to them and seeing what they have discovered. Sitting in an office all day doesn't let me experience camp from a child's point of view, and its what I love the most about camp.
  • Despite the above point, I love {(and am good at, IMO)} planning program. Its fun to plan a Harry Potter Scavenger hunt, a field trip to NASA, and an all-day water extravaganza. I also enjoy working out the details of making sure that my program follows all the rules and regulations associated with it. It gives me a chance to be strategic and use the logic that I relished from my math minor.
  • I want to make enough to live, and as you know, I don't need a lot. I would like to be near a library and somewhere to hike and bike, and a good growing climate is a plus {(better farmer's markets!!)}
  • I need a job that gives me enough time off to pursue my small hobbies: blogging, reading, writing, knitting. Most of these require little time, but I do need some time to allow for the creative process.
  • I need a job where I enjoy, and collaborate with my co-workers. I've had many jobs where I have felt that I do the majority of the work, and some of my colleagues had a chip on their shoulder. While I realize that every job has personality conflicts and I am committed to working with everyone, co-workers/bosses with a sense of humor and responsibility are key to keeping me happy.
  • Speaking of bosses, as a boss, I want someone who treats their employees the way I believe I have treated mine, and is committed to supporting my professional growth. I won't pretend that I haven't made mistakes as a manager; I have, as have we all. But, a good manager sticks up for her employees when appropriate, and works to correct her mistakes as much as possible, and I expect that from my own supervisor.
So, what's your dream job?

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