Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Book Review: Entwined

I'm kind of a sucker for fairy tales. As a kid I soaked up Cinderella {(still my favorite Disney Princess)}, Beauty and the Beast, and just about every story like them I could find. And, I still do.  Some of my current favorites include Enchanted, by Orson Scott Card, and The Dark Queen by Susan Carroll.

They were wonderful stories, as was the novel I just finished reading: Entwined, by Heather Dixon.

The story begins at what is supposed to be Azalea's, the eldest of 11 sisters, coming of age ball. She is set to dance with every gentleman in the room, until everyone is ordered out of the palace, and she and her sisters are told that their mother has died and will enter a period of mourning to last one year. During that time they are allowed no visitors {(unless on Royal Business, or RB)}, no time outside {(again, excepting RB)}, and certainly no dancing.

What follows is an enchanting tale of how the girls find a way to dance in a secret pavilion managed by the mysterious Mr. Keeper, and how the magic that has been present in the palace is connected to this {(evil, we find out)} man. There is a fight to save the King from said Keeper, a daring beau who fights for Azalea, and lots and lots of Happily Ever Afters.

Although I adored this novel as a quick, summer read, it is only that. Do not expect a profound intricately woven fairy tale. I predicted the ending from almost the beginning due to some obvious foreshadowing on the part of the author, and often the characters seemed predictable and two-dimensional. For example, Bramble was the exact archetype of the "bratty, selfish teenager," and I spent half the novel wishing that Azalea, a grown woman, would look past her own nose and see the emotional baggage of the King.

This is one of those novels that won't take you very long, and despite its short-comings is charming and worth the time all the same. Its one of those novels that is better bought used or for half-price on Amazon or Ebay {(or checked out from the library)}, but not one that you might want to keep on your shelf. A great, mindless and entertaining read that is good for bedtime reading, beaches and airports.

Happy Reading!

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