Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Israel addition

Ok, I have a confession. It's not really a profound confession if you know me, but I don't usually care what I look like. I would happily wear sweats or PJs to class, to camp (well, at camp it's a bit more acceptable), to dinner....ok, maybe not to dinner. So, I'm not very inclined to participate in the What I Wore Wednesday link-up at the Pleated Poppy (although, I do love that blog!).

Yet, I recently went on this trip, and thought, what better way to kick-off my week of sharing my trip with you? Let's do this.

I started in DC and NYC before I headed across the world. Here is a picture of me "lounging" in the Hi-Line Park.

Sunglasses from Target, red shirt from Walmart (don't judge!), REI black hooded shell, bamboo scarf from Disney World, GAP jeans, purple TOMS, green REI shoulder bag, and purple Columbia fleece.

Breakfast in the Ramon Crater:

Target sunglasses, gray patterned buff under a striped beanie (from Disney, again), Camp For All t-shirt, purple Columbia fleece, black Nike dry-fit yoga pants, and a cup of black Turkish coffee. Yum.
Not pictured: Merrell hiking shoes

Swimming in the Dead Sea (way fun, btw).

Target sunglasses, tankini swimsuit with colored beads on the top, salt, seriously fly-away hair (let's just pretend that my hair behaves all the time, k?)

Nature walk in the Golan near the Sea of Galilee

Sunglasses from Target (noticing a trend?), top from a thrift shop in Nacogdoches, blue cardigan from Lane Bryant, Gap Jeans, Vibrams (pictured below).

Jerusalem in front of the Western Wall. 

Target sunglasses, gray patterned Buff, bamboo scarf from Disney World, red shirt (Walmart), black tank (Target), patterned skirt (from my sister's closet, but the skirt is Bissou Bissou), green REI shoulder bag, metallic sandals (also from my sister's closet, pictured below).

In front of the Sea of Galilee at Sunset:

Sunglasses from Target, purple Columbia fleece, blue t-shirt & purple tank (Target), grey cargo capris (don't remember?), black Teva flip flops (not pictured).

Look for some fun updates on my trip starting later this week (hopefully this weekend!).


  1. WOW!!! I can only dream of posting pictures from Israel. Awesome job for your first time. Keep it up!!!


  2. What a fun way to share your trip! I am jealous-and your clothes are cute! Even the Wal-mart shirt! :)
    I would love for you to come link up this post & join the party at my blog at
    Have a great weekend!