Monday, March 07, 2011

Money Saving Monday: February Recap

It's been a crazy month here at Pineapple Pizza!  Not as much saving going on as I'd like, but that happens when you're gearing up for travel. As I mentioned in my January Recap, I knew when I started this that my savings would be light early in the year and heavy towards the summer because of things like tuition payments and such.

Instead of recapping how well I'm saving (since, I'm not really!) as part of The Saved Quarter Challenge, I'm going to outline a concrete plan for meeting some of my goals.

I have a total of 5 goals for this year; they are (probably not in the same order as my original post):

1. Save money for travel
2. Pay off a private student loan
3. Save for $100 holiday
4. Pay my parents back for car repairs
5. Save a modest emergency fund.

Up until now I've been squirreling away my pennies, unsure how to attack these. Now, I have a plan. By month, here's what I hope to do:

March: Use tax refund (larger than expected!) to start emergency fund and $100 holiday (directly to savings account).

April: Use reimbursement from a job to start car repair payments, and salary from side jobs to add to savings. Use refund from recent travel to pay bills and send the rest of main salary to savings.

May: Use main job salary to finish paying car repairs (I'm able to do this because my last tuition payment is in April!), and salary from side jobs to add to savings.

June & July: Use (new) main job salary to pay off loan and add to savings

August: Pick up some contract labor to add to savings.

September-December: Hopefully travel (more on that when I know more about that!).

Do you have a timeline for meeting your goals?


  1. Great to have goals and plans. We just keep chugging along working at making extra money

  2. I like how you stated your goals for the next few months. As we go through this debt repayment process, it seems we have to change and adjust. I look forward to following your 100 holiday challenge!