Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Day I Fell From the Sky

I've been hinting at this one for awhile {and if you follow me on Twitter, you already know} but I WENT SKYDIVING. It was SO fun!

My aunt Cindy and I went in honor of my graduation. We've both always wanted to go, and this seemed like such a good time. It was not what I expected, but wonderful nonetheless.

First, we got to put on some serious harnesses. My usual climbing harness had nothing on these!

Each tandem student was matched with an instructor who went over basic procedures and safety. Really, it boiled down to "don't touch this, do this, hold onto that," which was fine with me! Then, each team was put into a "load." While we waited for our load we thought about all of the instructions and watched other divers land.

We walked to the plane and climbed in on a ladder that looked like a spare fence that had been welded to the correct height.

The plane took off {I didn't even notice this part, I was so excited}.

We got ready.

Moved to the door. This was the only time I was unsure during this whole process. It's an awesome thing to stand at the door of an airplane and watch your aunt jump out, knowing you're next!

And jumped! My instructor {who was awesome} had to help me remember my instructions because I was so disoriented at first {probably because he did a back flip out of the plane which was also amazing!}.

We spent about 60 seconds in free fall {so they tell me. I was just having fun} which definitely doesn't feel like you're falling. It's like laying down flat over a HUGE fan, and it's pretty spectacular.

Kip pulled the parachute {which I didn't really notice except that suddenly, there was some MAJOR lifting of my boobs: note to self, wear sports bra next time!} and we were pulled upward. We spent the next 5 {???} minutes coasting to the ground.

It didn't feel like we were moving at all until we got closer to the ground. I wished I would have spoken up and told Kip that he could do whatever he wanted with the parachute. Skydivers can do some awesome things. Next time, I'll be sure to let my instructor know!

We coasted gently to the ground and landed. I did it! Can't wait to do it again!

What have you done off your bucket list, lately?


  1. AMAZING! How did you not mention this last friday when I saw you??? :P Well Done! Looks like you had a BLAST! :D

  2. THIS IS SO AWESOME!! I would love to go skydiving one day!! I'm very jealous and very excited for you! How cool!!

  3. Skydiving is the most indescribible feeling!! I hope to do it again one day. Glad you loved it!