Friday, December 17, 2010

Baked Potato Latkes

I know, I know. Latkes are supposed to be fried, the whole point is the oil. But, I am not patient enough for that, and I do not have the time to deal with grease, stains, frying the latkes 2 or 3 at a  So, I went looking for a recipe that leaves the latkes crisp, flavor full, and just as wonderful as their fried cousins. I think I did it.

I adapted the recipe from this one at Slash food.

Baked Potato Latkes

2 bags of pre-shredded hash browns (in the freezer section)
2 small sweet onions
3 eggs
2-3 TBS of some sort of binding ingredient (I used rice flour because I was making them for someone with a gluten allergy, but flour, bread crumbs, matzo meal, etc. will work).
salt, pepper, garlic, etc. to taste (I put some cayenne in there to mixed reviews).
Oil (see, I DO use oil, just not as much!)

Thaw frozen potatoes and pre-heat oven to 425 (I might try it at 375-400 next time, though).
Grate the onions (yes, grate. Much better than mincing or chopping. I suggest goggles when you do this).
Mix onions, potatoes, eggs, flour, and spices together.
Grease baking sheets with vegetable oil (quick tutorial: pour some on baking sheet, spread around with paper towel, but be careful because the paper towel will soak it up if you take too long). You should have a nice layer on the bottom.
Form potato mixture into little balls (like making a meatball) while squeezing out extra moisture.
Place on cookie sheet and smush down to form a pancake.
Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until bottoms are golden brown.
Flip latkes and bake for another 10 minutes.

Makes about 20 big latkes (but, mine were thick, so I'll make them thinner next time).

Enjoy with some applesauce or sour cream! Yum!

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