Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Still no update, but how 'bout a fun YouTube video?

Man, am I slacking. No food updates, no positive things, updates, no nothing.  Sorry 'bout that.  Working on a thesis proposal is kind of draining.  I haven't made a meal in weeks (although I did make some country rolls this weekend, and some oatmeal wheat bread), haven't sat down and read a book in weeks....::sigh:: Almost there.

In leu of those sorts of updates, I'll just leave you with this gem, 'kay?

Love this. Especially the end.
As a side-note, I'm considering making "YouTube Tuesday" a regular blog feature.  Thoughts?

Love this.  Especially the end. As a side note, I'm considering making "YouTube Tuesdays" a regular blog feature.  Thoughts?

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