Monday, July 08, 2013

The Yashow Clothing Market

When tourists come to Beijing, everyone wants to go to the Silk Market. They expect to find "designer" goods at rock-bottom  prices. The reality is, those merchants see you coming a mile away. They paw, grab, shove goods in your face, hassle you, and talk fast assuming that most people don't know conversion rates {they're usually right}.  It can be fun to go to the Silk Market, but you have to have a plan and know exactly what you want and what you're willing to pay.

A better alternative, in my opinion, is the Yashow Market located near Sanlitun and the Tuanjiehu subway stop. Many of the sellers speak English {although, you will get a better deal if you speak Chinese}, and for the most part you are left alone to look. A mere glance in the wrong direction won't set off the shop keeper to drag you around their shop and insist you try things on. Yes, you still have to be on your toes. These guys are shrewd negotiators and will make you work for your deal, but in general, its  a much better experience.

On a recent weekend trip to Beijing, I visited this market with two friends of mine and bought a pair of crocs and a dress for $15. Not bad, I say.

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