Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Street Food

When you travel to a place like China, people tell you all sorts of things. They warn you away from places because they're convinced that you'll catch something. In particular, everyone said "don't eat the street food."

You know what? I've never been good at listening to advice like that. Why would you when it's delicious {and you've been vaccinated against typhoid and hepatitis}?

Delicious flatbread with chicken/bacon/hot dog, fried egg, and a magic yummy sauce?! OK!

Steamed bread dumplings stuffed full of seasoned pork or garlic greens? Yes, please!

Skewers of spicy meat sizzling on it's way to your mouth? Mmmm hmmm!

And, to my delight, freshly popped kettle corn. Yum-O!

Rice noodle soup? To. die. for.

It's cheap, delicious, and filling. I can eat a meal for the equivalent of $1.50. Um, how is this not a good thing?

My advice: stick to the street. Sure, there is some great food to be eaten in other places {yes, I've had Peking duck, and yes, it's delicious! You can also get the dumplings in restaurants.}, but in a hurry, or late at night? I look for street food.


  1. yay!
    you look great.
    so excited to see you back to blogging!!

  2. I think that some of the illness that accompanies eating street food comes from the fact that the people who are eating the food are only in that country for a short amount of time. In their short vacation in that country, their digestive system doesn't have time to acclimate to the new types of food. I think that if you have time in a country, are vaccinated, and use common sense (like not eating at the vendor who hocked a loogie right before serving you) street food would be fabulous.