Thursday, November 29, 2012

House Hunters International....

.....that's what I always imagined myself doing before I got here.

I'd be taken around by some agent who spoke fabulous English, all of the options would be reasonably priced and have some of the things I wanted, and I would have a fabulous experience. Well, folks, that is NOT what happened. I did not have a horrible experience. I didn't really have an experience at all!

My job is located in an area heavily populated with expat amenities {not actual expats, mind you, but the amenities!} and several of the folks have been here for awhile. This means that they've developed a great relationship with their landlord and we all live right next to each other in the same building. I came in, saw the apartment, was tired of living in a hotel, aaand, that's all she wrote.

I like it here, I like being close to western things {there is both a Korean and an American/British import shop nearby}, and I like being so close to work. In hindsight, I might have looked around a little bit more and looked for some different things {I have no stove, for example, but I do have a nice bathroom and a large TV}, but overall it's OK here.

It overlooks the Tianjin zoo, and its a studio well within my housing budget. I have to venture a little farther for authentic Chinese anything {although, as is typical for China, there's actually more here than meets the eye and I'm slowly finding little hidden things}, but I am very lucky that I work with many teachers from this city. They're more than happy to help me find food, clothes, and anything else I might want! Here's the grand tour.

My bed. Complete with a wool comforter and {when my care package gets here} flannel sheets.

Another view.
The whole apartment.

The kitchen.

Most of my dishes/kitchen equipment.  Do you see the grits on the bottom shelf on the left?

 Spices, oil, and soy sauce. Actually, I have been able to find all of my spice here, and some new ones I'll have to go to an Asian market for at home! And here's my view when there's no smog:

And when there is smog?

Um, ignore my creepy, wide-eyed grin. Mmkay?

Anyone else have apartment-searching stories to tell?

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