Sunday, June 03, 2012

Oh, I don't wanna go to Girl Scout Camp....

...such a lie. The title is actually part of a camp song we sing. The first verse and chorus go a little something like this:

Girl Scout Camp. Girl Scout Camp.
The counselors that they give us,
They say they're mighty fine
But first thing in the morning, 
They look like Frankenstein!

Oh, I don't wanna go to Girl Scout Camp!
Gee Ma, I wanna go, back where the toilets flow!
Gee Ma, I wanna go hooooome!
Of course, back when *I* went to camp for the first time, there was exactly ONE building with air-conditioning, and I didn't use a flush-toilet {lovingly called "flushies"} for an entire week. I don't remember more than one shower, either. Now? Flushies all the way. Air-conditioned craft rooms {and sometimes units}. Not many latrines left. 

It's changed, but still a place I'm in love with.

I'm on my way.

See you at camp!

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